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Bere Brewery


Brewery open Wednesday afternoons 4.30 to 7pm and any other time by arrangement

At Bere Brewery, we produce high quality bottle-conditioned beers with a distinctive local origin and character.

By using our own home grown hops to provide a direct link to our stunning local landscape and environment, we produce beers that speak of the glorious Tamar Valley, and the unique combination of our soil, our microclimate and each particular year’s summer and harvest.

We want our beers to tell you what the summer was like, here in one of the most beautiful places in all of England.

We want to share with you a Taste of the Tamar Valley.

At Bere Brewery, we believe in ‘treading lightly on this earth’. Our hops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We use malt from Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot to keep the ‘beer miles’ to a minimum. The beers that we create are crafted without the use of any chemical additives, and as we use a seaweed product to help ‘fine’ our beers, they are all suitable for vegans. The cleaning and sterilising products that we use are biodegradable, and so will not harm our environment. Solar panels on the brewery roof contribute electricity. Spent grain, hops and yeast are composted, ready to return valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The water used in the brewery is returned to our land via a soakaway, to support the precious habitat which in turn supports a wealth of diverse flora and fauna.

For our hops, we’ve developed a growing system suited to both our deeply held organic convictions, and to an environment and climate very different to that of the traditional British hop growing industry. From a single hop planted in 2010, we’ve now expanded to a full scale hop garden of 10 different varieties. This should lead to us being self-sufficient in hops (as long as the weather is not too unkind!) by 2019 and perhaps that will make us the first English brewery of modern times to be so.

All of our beers are bottle conditioned and contain a live yeast sediment. This means that our beer continues to condition and mature after bottling, developing increasingly subtle and complex flavours and aromas, and a gradual, natural build-up of dissolved CO2 which gives the slight sparkle when you come to pour it. This is what CAMRA defines as a ‘Real Ale’.

We produce a regular range of five beers with additional seasonal brews, including Whitsam Wheat for the summer, and a ‘green’ hopped autumn ale, High Cross Harvest. See our website for other seasonal beers in the future, with a Rye beer, a Saison and a Winter Warmer also due for 2018.

Handcrafted, bottle conditioned beer, brewed and bottled by us on our smallholding in the glorious countryside of the Tamar Valley, using our own homegrown hops.

Bottles and Gift Packs always available, 5 litre Mini Kegs and 20 litre Half Casks for parties, club events, functions and weddings available to order.

We hold Open Brewery and Tap Room evenings and do tasting events for small groups. You are welcome to look round our Hop Garden and Orchard

Telephone number: 
01822 840382
Bere Alston
PL20 7JA